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There are currently 2 types of tourist visas to Brazil:
– E-visa: good for 2 years with unlimited entries.
– Regular Visa: good for 10 years with unlimited entries

Let us know more about your trip and we will find the best process for your situation. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


Sometimes waiting for an appointment can take longer than the regular process. Save your time with the paperwork.


Using our services you don't need to go to the Consulate, neither have an appointment. Let us do the hard job for you.


Send your documents to us and we will return it to you with your visa. It's safe and convenient.


We will help you with everything: forms, money orders and whatever it needs to make the process smooth.

Tourist Visa

Travelers visiting Brazil on tourism or participating in sports, artistic events and academical conferences (provided that they are not paid for such activities, except for per diems and hotel and travel expenses) require a visa to enter the country.


Work or Business Visa

Who is eligible:

  • Travelers in business trips, except in case of technical assistance;
  • Media coverage or filming;
  • Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card.
  • Business conferences and trade shows.

Permanent Visa

Who is eligible:

  • Person married to a Brazilian citizen;
  • Scientists, professors or researchers; director or administrator of a social assistance and/or religious institution; investor or person under a work contract with a company in Brazil for a long-term activity;
  • Retired person;
  • Immediate family member of a Brazilian citizen or a permanent resident in Brazil.

Student Visa and others

We can also help you with other type of visas as:

  • Temporary Visa I 
    • as a scientist, professor or researcher, participating in scientific or technological studies;
    • as an exchange student;
    • as a student at a practical course as part of professional or university studies;
    • as a trainee in the operation or maintenance of equipments or machines made in Brazil;
    • as a technician, volunteer, specialist, scientist or researcher who will work for government, private or non-governmental institutions, under a treaty of international cooperation;
    • as an amateur athlete under 21 years of age traveling to Brazil for intensive practice;
    • for medical treatment;
    • as a volunteer or social worker without employment contract and payment, for community work or to render service to a religious institution.
  • Temporary Visa III 
    • Professional artist, musician or sportsman, or accompanying technician/assistant)
  • Temporary Visa IV 
    • as an academic or religious student;
    • as a media correspondent.
  • Temporary Visa V
    • to render technical assistance;
    • as a scientist, professor, teacher, technician, or a traveler holding an employment contract with a Brazilian organization or corporation;
    • as a professional traveling to render service to the Brazilian Government;
    • I am a student in professional training, working without a contract, after completion of a technical school or university course;
    • as a medical resident or intern;
    • as a language teacher or trainee;
    • as a ship crewmember who will work on a foreign fishing vessel rented by Brazilian companies
  • Temporary Visa VI
    • as a media correspondent;
  • Temporary Visa VII
    • as a clergyman or a missionary with theological or academic religious education who intends to go to Brazil for religious purposes.